#46 New Apartment!

It’s so hot and humid in Nagasaki all day, but I’m happy to report that I have a new place to stay cool. Almas and I finally got moved in to our new apartment last Saturday! We borrowed a ton of yellow stackable containers from our movers to get all our stuff in at once, but getting it out of the boxes and arranged was quite a chore. Here’s Almas with our mountain of containers.


It’s hard to tell but there are two more rows of crates behind the one she’s hanging on.

We put in all the work we could on the first day and emptied all the containers and other cardboard boxes we had. Now after a week, things are finally starting to feel sorted and accessible. Here’s the living room!


Notice the tatami floors! New tatami smell kind of like grass or hay… and the whole apartment smells like them. I’m excited for it to fade but Almas likes it. Weirdo.

Moving in with Almas brought certain challenges, one of which is finding a place to store all her shoes. After a bit of creative problem solving, we repurposed my old metal shelf into a shoe rack for our genkan. A genkan is the entranceway to a house. Notice how you have to step up out of the genkan to get in the house. This is where everyone, including guests will leave their shoes when they come to your house.


We got a little sink and mirror combo in our new bathroom, and we’re both so happy we don’t have to go into our shower room to brush our teeth anymore. I’m proud to display the work of the modern American artist Joshua O’Connor on my wall.


Almas snuggled up in the bedroom for this next pic. We have to put away the bed every morning still, but we like to think of it as helping us keep tidy.


Here’s a bunch of extra pictures we took! It’s been a very busy week!

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